Bertus Basson’s peri-peri chicken

Spicy peri peri chicken that makes any braai absolutely perfect!


Peri peri marinade
6 fresh chillies
3 bay leaves
5 g caraway seeds
10 g coriander seeds
10 g black peppercorns
15 g fresh coriander leaves
5 g cayenne pepper
10 g paprika
2 lemons — zest and juice
80 ml white vinegar
60 g sugar
20 g salt
1 whole chicken


  • Blend all of the ingredients together. Try not to make it too fine, leave some texture in there!
  • Spatchcock the chicken and slash the legs, it will allow the marinade to penetrate well.
  • Marinade the chicken overnight.
  • Braai on open Moderate coals, in a kettle braai, try not to turn the chicken too frequently.
  • Keep on basting during the cooking time.

The perfect peri peri chicken should have a crisp skin, moist flesh and a flavor balance between spicy and mild acidity.

Recipe by Bertus Basson for Stella Artois. Images by Shavan Rahim.