Seriously lekka skilpadjies

There are two official definitions of a skilpadjies, one: the most delicious thing on the planet, and two: minced lamb liver wrapped in netvet.


9 prepared skilpadjies
6 preserved green figs, diced
1 wheel (225 g) Camembert, cut into 9 blocks
½ cup (125 ml) roasted and salted
cashews, roughly crushed


  • Open up the skilpadjie netvet wrapping and spread out the minced liver. Sprinkle some cashews and a few pieces of diced fig onto the liver, then toss a block of Camembert into the middle. Scoop the liver together to form a rough ball in the centre of the netvet, wrap it all back up and re-seal the way you found it. Don’t be scared to use one or two extra toothpicks to secure.
  • Braai slowly over medium heat for about 15, minutes until the fat is a deep, golden brown and crispy.
  • These skilpadjies are seriously rich, so a little goes a long way. Works great sliced on some baby greens.

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