Pete Goffe-Wood’s Top 5 Braai Tips

Take your braai skills to the next level with Chef Pete Goffe-Wood’s braai tips

TIP 1: When cooking multiple types of meat always put what takes the longest on first.

TIP 2: Always use a clean and spotless grill, any charred build up will mean that it doesn’t get quite hot enough and fish in particular will stick. And make sure your grill is heated well in advance to get that maximum grilled effect – there is nothing worse than a flabby grey piece of meat that has been cooked on a grill that is not hot enough.

TIP 3: Try to keep the meat in contact with the grill for the longest possible time, continual turning means that your meat is not always over the heat.

TIP 4: Avoid marinades with high sugar and starch content, as they tend to burn easily, rather brush some of the marinade on the meat just before you remove it from the grill.

TIP 5: Invest in a decent pair of tongs.