The Infinity Medium Casserole dish a.k.a. “braaibak” will keep your meat warm while you are braaiing the rest of your meaty feast. Can be used in the oven or next to your braai. Dishwasher safe. With the addition of the Casserole Grid it is handy for making a roast, keeping your tjops / chops out of the fatty juice, as a trivet / hot stand or utilising as a smoker.

Product Info

The Infinity Medium Casserole aka “Braaibak” will keep your meat warm while you are braai’ing the rest of your meaty feast.  (Casserole Grid Medium in photos sold seperately) There is also a range of accessories / add-ons available for this product eco-system. (see below)

  • New Improved Design, No Compromise
  • Designed & Manufactured in South Africa
  • Hand Made with 1.6mm 304SS / food grade austenitic stainless steel
  • Durable brushed stainless steel finish. Easy cleaning.
  • Registered product design
  • 3 Sizes available


  • Dimensions: 260Lx210Wx100H (Incl handles 310mm)
  • 25x25mm Mesh opening
  • Fixed handles of 6mm Round bar on casserole and lid

Care Instructions

  • Use soap and warm water to clean using a medium stiff brush after soaking, or with Scotchbrite sponge and brush in the basin. (Do not use steel wool) Also Dishwasher safe.
  • Excessive heat from direct fire or oven may cause casserole to distort  and degrade the premium finish, structural integrity and material properties. In less severe cases allow casserole to cool down and it should return to normal state.
  • For intense cleaning you can also use oven cleaner or caustic soda (Take precautions and wear protective gear)

Warranty Info

  • This product has a 5 Year Warranty against any latent defects
  • Buy It Once, Lifetime Warranty with responsible use

Suggested Add-ons