The Infinity Himalayan Salt Block Holder / Stand came about as a collaboration with Salty Sistas who import and distribute Himalayan salt products to South Africa.

The salt grill holder serves as a better way to handle a heavy and possible very hot salt block around the fire. The larger 300×200 and 400×200 stands also have screw in legs incorporated  to allow for independent use of the Infinity Salt Grill and Stand.

For 1st time use it is best to 1st temper the block by heating it up in the oven and then allowing to cooldown slowly. For use on the braai it is best not to introduce flames under the salt block, but to rather only use coals. This will lessen the chances of the block developing a stress fracture and cracking.

Cleaning is simple as you only need to scrape it clean. As no bacteria will grow on salt block it is safe to do this.

You can also alternate by flipping the block to alternate the cooking side.

Store in a cool dry place. Do not leave outside as it will absorb moisture from the air and start to sweat.

Salt Block sold separately.